Vended Laundry Equipment

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We offer unrivaled Continental, LG and Econ-O-Wash commercial vended laundry equipment. Engineered for efficiency and productivity, we provide freestanding and hard-mount washers and open-pocket or dual-pocket stacked dryers. Our equipment is backed by industry-leading warranties.

a row of vended laundry equipment

Advantages of High-Quality Vended Laundry Equipment

Laundry mats should prioritize purchasing high-quality vended laundry equipment for several compelling reasons. Firstly, investing in top-notch machines ensures enhanced reliability and durability, minimizing the chances of breakdowns and reducing maintenance costs. This leads to improved customer satisfaction and a positive reputation for the laundry mat. Secondly, high-quality vended laundry equipment is designed to handle heavy usage, allowing for increased efficiency and productivity. With faster cycle times and larger load capacities, the laundry mat can serve more customers in a shorter period, maximizing revenue potential. Lastly, premium vended laundry equipment often incorporates advanced features and technologies that optimize energy efficiency, resulting in lower utility expenses and a more environmentally friendly operation.