We are your one-stop shop for quality laundry equipment, chemicals, parts and service.

We provide several lines of laundry equipment, including washer-extractors, drying tumblers and ironers.

hospitality laundry equipment


High quality duvets, blankets, bed linens, towels, napkins, and tablecloths are essential to high-performing hotels and resorts. At ITEC, we understand how to maximize hotel laundry production while simultaneously offering guests flawlessly finished goods. Our high-performance washer-extractors, feeders, ironers, dryers, folders and stackers work in concert for lower labor hours and energy usage; catapulted productivity; and provide an unrivaled 5-star finish. ITEC is your one-stop shop for chemicals, equipment, programming and service.

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laundry vending machines


At ITEC, we specialize in developing successful vended laundries and Express Laundry Centers®. In doing so, we work closely with vended laundry investors to provide vended laundry site selection, demographic analyses, equipment mix, layout, equipment installation, financing and service after the sale.

We are the only distributor in Louisiana and Southern Mississippi to develop Express Laundry Centers® — a branded and turnkey vended laundry solution offering a 60-minute self-service wash/dry/fold and high-speed Continental ExpressWash® and ExpressDry® equipment. Express Laundry Center owners enjoy higher profit potential, lower utility and operating costs, greater customer turnover, and ultimately, strong store resale value.

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housing laundry equipment


As multi-housing and route experts for more than 30 years, the ITEC team develops highly profitable and efficient laundries at universities, apartment complexes, hotels and more. Choose to purchase, finance, profit share, or rent-to-own your laundry equipment. Split the income, or pay for equipment based on the income generated. At ITEC, we deliver flexible ownership and leasing options to meet your unique goals and management style.

Continental, LG and Econ-O-Wash/Dry laundry equipment bring commercial-grade construction, unrivaled durability and superior efficiency to these laundries. Highly programmable, simple to use, and reliable, our matching washers and dryers are available in topload to 55-pound capacities, freestanding designs and space-saving and stacked configurations. All products are backed by unrivaled service and industry-leading commercial factory warranties!

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fire house laundry equipment


By properly cleaning and drying protective gear, firefighters are better protected from the particulates and carcinogens found in soiled gear. ITEC offers highly programmable washer-extractors and gear dryer for properly and safely cleaning and drying gear according to NFPA 1851 guidelines. Thanks to automatic chemical injection, anyone can do the wash. Programs are established on the washers, which automatically combine the right chemicals, water temperature, rotation speed and mechanical action for excellent results. The user simply loads, enters a program number and presses start.

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athletic laundry equipment


Athletic laundries — large or small — clean a variety of items, from loops and towels to uniforms, sweats, shorts and more. By choosing highly programmable washers and ozone injection, athletic laundries ensure items are disinfected and properly cleaned using the right combination of water temperatures and levels, mechanical action and cleaning chemicals. Automatic chemical injection ensures perfect results no matter who does the laundry. Discover more about how Sports Laundry Systems® clean and disinfect laundry — helping prevent the spread of infection. ITEC is your one-stop shop for chemicals, equipment, programming and service.

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healthcare laundry equipment


Healthcare laundries handle a variety of laundry items, including bed pads, gowns, blankets, sheets, towels and personals. Critical to properly cleaning each item type is a highly programmable washer-extractor and automatic chemical injection. Once programs are set up on the washers, they automatically combine the right mix of chemicals, mechanical action, rinses, extract speed and water temperature for superior results. Soft-mount washers with high–speed extract bolster laundry productivity. They remove more water from every load and can cut dry time by up to 50 percent. Healthcare laundries complete more laundry loads per day, using less natural gas and water. Automatic chemical injection and one-touch operation ensure ease of use and a consistent and safe clean. ITEC is your one-stop shop for chemicals, equipment, programming and service.

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linens supplier


Party Rental operations require laundry processes that deliver superior results and a quick turn-around. Quickly wash and iron table runners, chair covers, napkins and tablecloths using high-performance washer-extractors and ironers. Add automation — feeders, folders and stackers — to boost productivity and quality further. At ITEC, we provide the proper equipment, chemicals and service to keep your laundry at top performance.

commercial laundry supplies


Rely on ITEC for all your commercial laundry needs, including laundry analysis, equipment, programming and chemicals, as well as service after the sale. We are in laundries every day and understand your commercial laundry needs. That’s why we offer full-service care and high-quality equipment — washers, dryers, ironers, feeders, folders and stackers. Our laundry equipment is packed with features designed to improve productivity, simplify the wash process and turnout a consistent, quality result with each wash.

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veterinary laundry equipment supplier


Spa and salon laundries must be able to properly clean towels, sheets, robes and capes — even when these items are stained from dye and oils. Trust ITEC to evaluate your needs and then install, program and equip your laundry for maximum productivity and quality results.

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salon and spa supplier


Vet clinics typically require a heavy-duty washer capable of handling a variety of items, including blankets, bedding, towels, mop heads and rags. A washer with high-speed extract and programmability are critical to a consistent clean and improved productivity. Soiled and contaminated laundry shouldn’t pile up in vet clinics for fear of disease growth and cross contamination. Allow ITEC to help you improve your on-premise laundry and to provide the chemicals and ongoing service you need.

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